creates tragicomic and visual shows.

Always focused on movement theater,

they enchant 90-year-old kids as well as newborn oldsters.

Very little circus

Clown and theatre, combining music and juggling


with Naïma Bärlocher and Gerardo Tetilla

production 2014

Re fu

theatre without words, for children


with Sarah Lerch and Gerardo Tetilla

production 2013



puppet theatre, music and narration


with: Naïma Bärlocher, Sarah Lerch and Gerardo Tetilla

production 2016




Wakouwa teatro organises a great variation of animations and events, short performances, birthdays, galas or other celebrations...


Moreover the Artist regularly teach children, youngsters and adults in acrobatics, juggling, theatre and dance. 


Informations: info@wakouwateatro.ch