clown, theatre, music and juggling

with: Naïma Bärlocher and Gerardo Tetilla


A circus without sawdust, animals, and without even a tent?


That's exactly what these two characters create while reviving the magic and fascination of their circus dreams. They don't need a circus ring - only a few props and a lot of enthusiasm are enough to conjure up a circus show and enchant the audience with their nostalgia. They guide the spectators on a journey through a world of magic and fun using music, juggling, and other surprises, and they discover the fascination of the circus and the poetry of Clown.


Very Little Circus is very adaptable. On small stages or large, it can be presented in various formats

  • Full length version for theaters: 60 minutes
  • Excerpts for galas, company parties, birthdays: 10 - 15 minutes
  • Short version for outdoor performances, street theater: 10 - 50 minutes

AWARDS:       2017 Niederstätter Surprize, first place